Our Equipment 

We at RAF Skip Hire do not just hold a range of skips. Thanks to our wide array of equipment, we can carry out many jobs in an efficient and timely manner. 

30 Yard Boxes

These large heavy-duty boxes are ideal to carry sand, gravel, soil and torba. They are also used to transport these materials to and from construction sites.

40 Yard Boxes

While these boxes can also be used for construction purposes, they are also ideal for domestic waste, unwanted furnishings and other domestic materials. 

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Transport Solutions 


Bobcats have a large load capacity and are used to carry around objects and excavate areas. If you need to carry out digging, trenching and excavation work, our range of bobcats is ideal for you. We also provide you with a certified Bobcat operator on site.

Hook Loaders

Hook loader trucks are ideal to carry a range of items including construction trucks. This is due to their ability to travel well on rugged terrain. They can be used to carry heavy cargo including large skips and other large waste containers.

hook loaders